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We have just been informed by Advanced Disposal that the Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste pick up day has been changed to FRIDAY.  We apologize for the late notice, but we just recieved it.  No other aspects of the service will change.  



Daylight Savings Time Ends October 30, 2019

Remember to turn your clocks back one hour on Sunday morning, November 3rd.  Also check the batteries in your smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector and flashlights.  Reminder that smoke detectors need to be replaced every ten years.  It is a good idea to establish and place a home emergnecy plan this weekend!



2019 Annual Meeting, October 29, 2019

The annual Pebble Creek Homeowner Association meeting was conducted on Thursday, October 24th.  at the Springfield Fire Station #2 .


Aaron Pokowski and Paul Case were elected to two year terms.  Dan Ledbetter continues on the Board with one year remainig on his term. 


The Minutes of the meeing are posted on the Reference Section under Meeting Info





We have many more children in the subdivision which means more kids walking to & from the bus stop and more parents dropping off and picking up at the entrance to the subdivision.


For Motorists: Please slow down, Observe the stop signs and EXPECT that somebody won’t be paying attention. Be patient at the entrance, especially the first few days while a routine develops. Plan to be on time for your destination by leaving a few minutes early. Observe the laws for passing school buses.


For Parents at the Entrance: Please park on the Right side of the roadway. Do Not park on the left side (island) as this really blocks vehicles from getting past and creates a hazard when children exit the vehicle. Always try to keep children exiting your vehicle on the right side and keep them on the right side of the roadway on the grass away from vehicles trying to drive by.


For Children: Please walk on the right side of the road and use the sidewalk on the Pebble Creek Drive commons area. Do not run in the roadway and please do not cut through between houses. When crossing the road, look both ways, then look again before crossing.


For All: Let’s be safe!



ROAD SAFETY, June 10, 2019

A reminder that the Oakland County Sheriff can and will be patrolling the subdivision for speeding, reckless driving and stop sign violations.  Many new families have moved into the subdivision with younger children.  The children, the walkers, bike riders and joggers are enjoying the smooth roads so please slow down and observe safe driving.


Golf Carts, Mini Bikes, Snowmobiles, or other unlicensed vehiciles are prohibted from the roadways. 



Reminder to complete and submit the Property Modification Request PRIOR to performing changes on your home or landscape.  This includes the cutting of trees.  Other modifications that need to be pre-approved include exterioir paint color changes, exterior materials changes, roofing material replacement, window replacement, lanscaping changes and driveway replacement:  Please review the bylaws for additonal information  Usually the Board can approve these requests within a few days if sufficient information is provided.  The form can be downloaded from the Reference Info (Downloads) section of this website.


TREE CUTTING, April 20, 2019


Please be reminded that the cutting of trees which are 3” or more in diameter requires advanced approval by the HOA Board of Directors.



ENTRANCE GATES, April 20, 2019

The entrance gates have been repaired and are workiing.  They are set to remain in the open position from approximately 5:30 AM to 7:00 PM during winter months


VANDALISM, Februay 7, 2019

There have been several reports of vanalism in the neighborhood recently.  Some security video suggests three young people have been seen.  Please report all incidents to the Sheriff as soon as possible



HOME SELLERS:  January 23, 2017

If you are sellng your home, title forms and dues infomration will not be provided to title companies unless contact infomration and proposed date of sale is provided.  There is normally no charge to complete the forms and are usually returned to the title company within 48 hours.   The title company should follow the instructions on the contact page of this website.


PARKING, January 8, 2019

Please do not park on the streets for prolonged periods.  Do not park on the streets overnight or when there is snow expected to allow for snow removal. 

remember to park on the street respecting your neighbors.  Try to park in a manor that does not interfere with other's access to or from driveways.  Do not park on the grass. 



The meeting minutes are posted in the Meeting Info page of the Reference Section


WALKING WHEN ITS DARK, October 5, 2016

The daylight hours are becoming shorter as we get into the fall and winter months.  Everyone, dog walkers, kids, joggers, and the like should be careful when walking the subdivisions when it is dark out.  Please walk to the side of the road facing traffic and wear lighter color and/or reflective clothing.  Exercise care when using your smartphone as well. 


Please keep your homes and vehicles secured and locked. 


Report any suspicious to the Oakland County Sheriff's Springfield Substation by calling 911:


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